Remembering the Past
Spirit Dance 2
Spirit Dance 3
Rodeo Man
Mystic Evening
Eve's Garden
Midnight Stroll
Night Orchestra
Jazz in' It Up
Silent Journey
Spiritual Energy
Piano Man
Awakening Peace

Tanya Lambrecht

Time Keeper
Return To Innocence
Iridescent Reality
Day Glow
Emerging Light
Night Vision
House of Cards
Translucent Memory
Life in Motion
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The Artist

Many artists dream of studying with artists like Charles Reid, Zoltan Szabo, Gerald Brommer, Carol Orr, Tanya spent her youth surrounded by these internationally acclaimed artists. Her mother Pat Lambrecht-Hould, an international art educator and professional artist conducted art seminars through out the US. Tanya’s early artistic influences grew through many acclaimed artists. As Tanya’s passion for the arts developed she realized her goal in life was to be an artist. Tanya received her degree from the Colorado Institute of Art in graphic design and went on to work with ad agencies and ultimately opened her own graphic design company. With an extensive background in photography Tanya has also worked as a master printer, between design and photography her love for creating only grew until she made the decision to relocate from her home in Montana to Arizona where she began painting professional.

Color, texture, design and the story best explain the message that the viewer will receive from her work. Creative and experimental works are the visual impact they will have on the art loving public. Her work is transitional and ever changing with a bold passionate desire to express her inner feelings. Tanya prefers mixed media using a variety of textural and visual techniques to create her often-abstracted imagery. Her focus of each painting is a masterful interplay of composition, color and transition of movement. Using various textures incorporated with gold leaf, Tanya creates a rich opaque fields and luscious transparent colors, from which the emerge seem to emerge and recede.

" I am utilizing my life experience and a lifetime of immersion in the arts to create works that are truly an expression of what I have learned. When I hear stories of a distant place or event, I interpret how I would view or experience it within my paintings. Each painting becomes an interpretive and spiritual journey."   Tanya Lambrecht . . .

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If your favorite has been Sold ... All my "Art Work" is still available as an Giclee upon request ...

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